Friday is my day off.

I've never understood folks (church workers especially) who pass up days off. It could just be that I'm lazy, but I think I'm better off for taking a day to rest. 

Of course, there are weeks where there more work than week, but today was pretty much wide open so I decided to make the most of it. There's always that temptation in the morning when the kids are finally at school and you think, "hey, I could take a morning nap right now if I wanted." I'm not above a morning nap, mind you, but I decided to try and make the most of my Friday.

So here's what I've done today...


If you listen to the worship podcast, you know I've been doing DDPYoga for about a month. I'm surprised by how good it's going. I've lost some weight and feel kinda' great. I'm trying to workout every day, but having Friday off makes it super easy to find time. I'm not doing splits yet, but maybe someday!


Okay, okay. Yes, this is work. But I couldn't help it! I'm too excited about Christmas and I've been dying to play a new Christmas song. So, this morning, I grabbed the old guitar and banged out a chart for Chris Tomlin's "He Shall Reign Forevermore" that we'll be doing in December. (Sundays and probably Christmas Eve.)


This may seem like work, but considering the three big calls I had to make were MOM, GRANDPA & FRIEND, this was more along the lines of I've-been-too-busy-and-my-people-are-going-to-think-I'm-the-worst if I don't call them back!


I'm co-writing a song with one of the members of the Bethel Band and we're stuck on a second verse so I did (what I call) a verse-blast. This is a technique where I just write a whole bunch of verses and see what happens. Usually, I end up combining two of those verses into a mixed idea. However, after three verses, I got so into writing that I wrote a chorus for a hymn I've had for months, then a verse for blues gospel thing I'm writing and then remembered an old co-write from a long time ago and finished a verse 1 on it. Progress!


It's a real party over here, gang.