One of the biggest challenges worship leaders face is balance. On one hand, your job is practically (and intrinsically) artistic. On the other hand, it's about something more than just being creative in front of people.

This isn't made any easier by church leadership, either. Lots of churches can list off what the worship leader should do, but not that many have a solid idea of what the worship leader should be.

If you read the blog, you've "heard" me say it before: your job is NOT to be an artist. Despite what the hiring team told you or what the job description said or what the other staff tell're there for more than that.

Never forget that a worship leader's job is to help people think rightly and reverently about God. Yes, we use the arts to do that, but if the art ever becomes the priority, we are in real danger of unique-ing our self out of the job. We say it/think it all the time - "Our artistic efforts should move people." But we have to ask a second question - move them where?

For believers, connection should always trump artistic vision. How do the arts help people connect to the truth about themselves and connect to the truth about the Father? There are lots of worship leaders struggling every single week because what they're doing doesn't seem to be working. So they put in more hours and try even bolder projects. For a lot of these leaders, their ministry would be radically transformed if they just connected with people.

[This isn't a popular view, by the way. The stuff I'm writing runs counter to almost every mainstream worship resource in Christian media. But I'm gonna' keep saying it. We've built an entire worship music industry around rock stars (not pastors) and that system is going to crash one day. When it does, we're going to have some shattered worship leaders all over the country because everyone knows how to be awesome but nobody knows how to connect.]

In part 2, I offer some questions I often ask myself. These questions help equalize my artistic vision on a regular basis; maybe they'll be a help to you, too!