Hey, gang. It's been a busy week at church this week so I haven't had much time to post. (Apologies - Part 2 of Worship Transitions and The Sunday Team will resume next week I promise!)

If you follow me on FB or Twitter, you've probably seen the news that Vital Worship: Songs For The Living King was nominated for a Dove Award for Special Even Album Of The Year. This album features my recording of Hallelujah For The Cross that I co-wrote with my friend, Ross King. As you can imagine, we are very surprised and grateful. Our competition in the category is pretty major, but we're enjoying the heck out of even being in that group.

Friends and family were excited for us, so I did a quick lyric video for the song so that people could share it online. I really believe in this song and what it says and if I'm honest, I'd love to see in sung in thousands of churches. If you have a minute, would you mind sharing the video link with your circles? The more people singing about the cross, the better!