This is part 2 in our Easter Prep series. Hopefully it will help you look toward Holy Week with expectation and hard work! (You can click here to read last week's post.)
It's good to remember that with a weekend as big as Easter, it helps to do a little bit of work every single day. Believe it or not, your team doesn't enjoy being bombed with emails four days before the service! Work a little every single day and when it's time to step up and lead worship, you'll be ready! For PT 3, click here.

I'm sure your congregation appreciates the music you lead each week, but if your church is going to have a lot of people on Easter who aren't familiar with "church music", you may want to spend some time thinking about how your stuff is going to come across. You'll have brand new eyes and ears on you. Here's some stuff to think about.


We all want to provide our people with something special and memorable on Easter, but if we're not careful we go astray. It's a sad trend in our culture that many churches will try and pull off performance stunts on Easter that are completely unlike anything they do week-to-week.

Remember that people who don't go to church DO go to concerts. They watch TV. They go to the movies. They see spectacle all the time. They see the most professional of bands and shows. What's cool and new for your church, may be laughable to guests. Why not aim for a different kind of memorable? Why not work toward providing an environment where people are distracted and can focus on the empty tomb?


Easter Sunday is a battleground! Your enemy would love nothing more than to see you distracted to the point of unfaithfulness. It doesn't seem possible, but it's a real threat on such a big service day. A clear presentation of the Gospel is priority #1 for us on Easter. (Just like it is every time we gather together.)

I'm not talking about "soul-winning" or "altar calls." Yes, our service should be evangelistic, but it should celebrate and revel in what Jesus accomplished. The Gospel story - He came, He died, He rose again - has to be clear because it will do everything that God intends. It will move us to passionate, reverent praise and it will call sinners to repentance. Protect the Gospel!


If you're the worship leader in your church, there's a good chance that you're really good at music. You probably sing beautifully and play an instrument with excellence. If you're not great at those things, you're most likely a good administrator or a creative planner. You're good at your job, is what I'm getting at.

It can be an ego boost to be the man or woman in charge on Easter. You sing the special solo, you write the Easter pageant, etc. I urge you to protect the people around you (and yourself) by delegating as much as you can. Not only to keep yourself from burning out, but you allow others to be blessed by serving the church. Yes, you could probably do it all and you'd probably do a great job, but why kill yourself just so everybody will sit back and think, "Ooooooh, how talented!" Let other people benefit by ministering!