Taking the time to think (and work) on Easter prep is helpful in making sure this holiday is impactful for the Gospel. Every little bit of work you do NOW makes a huge impact in how your services go. This is the final post in our EASTER PREP series. You can find PT 1 here and PT 2 here.

Ever been let down by Easter?

I'm not talking about a flubbed lyric (although I've done it) or a bad Easter sermon (although I've seen it) or your technology failing at the worst possible moment (although I've survived it.) In this case, I'm talking about just a general uneasiness about Easter worship. It's one of those things we know we shouldn't be dealing with, but it happens to the best of us.

But this year, you can prepare and protect yourself by remember that "Easter letdown" (like any letdown) is the product of unrealistic expectations. If you can manage expectations leading up to Easter weekend, you can fortify yourself to lead with confidence and finish well once the weekend is done.


Week in and week out, songs declaring God's work and worth are proclaimed by people who have been rescued by His saving work all over the world. All over the world, people give praise and glory to God - with bad sound systems and poor lighting and uncomfortable chairs. If you want to make the most of your Easter worship-leading, remember that God's going to get praise - even if the rocks have to cry out! You're important, but you're not THAT important. Step up and lead knowing that He's going to be glorified by somebody in that room - YOU!


When we imagine how Easter services are going to go, we often think of very physical things - volume, projection, the number of people. But if you want to avoid "Easter letdown," do your dreaming about TRUTH. Think about what truth is going to be declared. Judge the songs and videos and readings by what truth they'll communicate rather than the emotional response they'll create. Think about the truth and you'll end up leading worship that's truthful.


This may sound controversial, but stick with me. Easter is an amazing day - the high point of our church year - but it's also a normal day. Meaning this - you may oversleep on Easter. Or you may get up an hour early and get on the treadmill. Your kids may be at each other's throats. Or maybe they'll perfect angels. The point is this - as far as your work is concerned that day, expect it to be what every other Sunday is...UNPREDICTABLE. There will be high points of your Easter Sunday. There will also be low points. Expect those normal moments and they won't catch you off guard.