Worship leading is one of those things that (unfortunately) can be easily faked. You can read a chart and play and sing without messing up, you can make sure the tech team is rehearsed, you can even seem like you're really into the music without that being true. That's why the skill-building and hard work rests on you! There probably aren't very many people in your life who'll remind you to put in the time.

So let Uncle Todd be the one to remind you. Get to work! As you get started this week, here are five things you can to instantly accelerate your worship leading! We're all working on developing life long skills in ministry, but don't forget that sometimes the simplest things can help us grow in our ability.



Grab an instrument, sing 'em in the car, it doesn't matter. Find a way to sing through the whole set every single day this week. Not only is it great for getting you warmed up, but it also means you'll show up to lead much more comfortable and calm about the songs.


Every leader has those things we do every time we lead worship because we believe they aid in worship. But we also have crutches...things we instinctively do because we like it or we don't know what else to say. Pick one of your crutches and DON'T use it this week. I promise the service will go on beautifully without it!


In your rehearsal/sound check, don't rush to end that song. Hang on a chord and let the band improvise over it some. Maybe even try singing something from heart while you play. You may not do this in the service, but it's an awesome musical exercise for you and the band. And it's fun!


Find one opportunity this week to talk about worship with somebody. You don't have to give a thirty minute speech about it - just find a way to verbalize what you believe about worship or, even more specifically, what you're excited about in the next set you're leading. Talking about worship in your day-to-day will help you to think about worship in your day-to-day.


I'm always surprised how many worship leaders start the service by asking a half-empty room if they're "ready to worship." They're not. They're getting settled and saying hello to people. They may be getting ready, but they're probably not there yet. Why not just start with the song this week as a way of letting folks enter worship at their own pace? Why waste one of your few opportunities to talk on a slot where hardly anybody's listening? You may find that starting without talking makes for a better set!


Remember, even the little things this week will help you get better at what you do! Don't wait until Sunday to work on your worship leading. Start today!