Robert and Shelly Conn are long-time friends of mine, so I was excited last year when they decided to take the leap and record and EP. I was even more excited when Robert asked if I would co-write one of the songs with him!

Shelly's new project is called Go Everywhere and it's a great album with two original songs and three covers. My friend, Jon Meyer, produced the record and did an amazing job on it. (Robert and Shelly live in Nebraska, so Jon essentially had one week to get them to Texas and make a record!)

Robert and I met up on Skype back in the summer and started working on the song idea, which he already had. The verses and bridge were collaborative, but I think we ended up keeping all of Robert's chorus lyrics. In that first writing session, we ended that chorus with "I am forever free" and it just stuck. One of those things that just felt right. I think Rob even said something akin to I guess that's the title! Robert and I got pretty close to being done, but he and Shelly weren't sold on the chorus. After a day or two, they came up with a melody they liked better.

I was excited that the song took a well-worn premise - all the ways that God loves us - and kept the focus on His saving work. This song isn't just saying you love me, you love me, you love me, I'm your favorite, but rather is a testimony of what God does in the heart of a sinner. So many worship songs about God's love seem to omit what that love really looks like - our guilt and shame are washed clean by the work of Jesus!

What's more, I love the arrangement that Shelly and Robert and Jon came up with. I'm a sucker for a big ride cymbal, straight groove in choruses and when this thing hits, it's got all sorts of subtle touches that come alive every single time I hear it.

I love Robert and Shelly dearly and I am excited to see what God does this new worship project. I encourage you hit 'em on iTunes and download. You'll be glad you did. (And I'd love to know what you think about Forever Free.) If you'd like a chord chart, click the MP3s & CHARTS links at the top of the page.