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I've been waiting for months to say this...FREE SONG GIVEAWAY!

This is the second year we've released worship singles for free - in the hope that churches and worship leaders would use these songs in their local, corporate worship gatherings. As a banner or label, I've decided to call each of these collections, "Songs For Singing" (since that's kinda' my thing.) This new songs is the first release of Songs For Singing 2015.

Bethelsongs is proud to release O Blessed Tree, a new hymn for worship co-written by Lee Black and Todd Wright. The song seeks to celebrate the work of the cross but also aims to remember that same cross as a calling to obedience and praise. The song is part of a three-song "Easter collection" that Lee and I wrote. (To The God Who Saves - Palm Sunday, O Blessed Tree - Good Friday and Death Will Never Win Again - Easter Sunday.) You can download for it absolutely free right here (mp3 / chart ) or over at the Bandcamp page

I also want to send a huge thank you to Michael Child for doing such a fantastic job producing this track. He perfectly nailed the energy and sentiment and brought a ton of creativity to the song. We were blessed to get to work with him.

I used the song this year in both our Ash Wednesday and Good Friday services and I look forward to it becoming a frequent song in our catalog. If you'd like to support Songs For Singing as a collection, you are more than welcome to make a pay-what-you-want donation for the download. (But that's not required!)

Thank you for listening and I hope you all enjoy the song!