It's time for another FREE SONG GIVEAWAY! 

BETHELSONGS is releasing three free worship tunes this year and I'm excited for y'all to hear the new one! These are songs written from my church and for the people I lead. My hope is that you'll be blessed, too! 

SHIELD is inspired by Psalms 3. I had the line, "many will rise and say of my soul" for about a year before I started actually singing it. I worked on the song for the better part of a year before deciding it was done (or "done-enough" to lead in worship.)

Since I do all my songs live before they ever get recorded, the experience of leading SHIELD was a big factor in deciding if I should commit to tracking it. I have to give credit to the band at Bethel for helping me build the arrangement of this over weeks of setlists. The song worked because of their input. The track was recorded, engineered and produced by friend, Spence Peppard, and his partner Jim Taylor. Spence did an awesome job on the track and played on almost every track.

You can download the song a couple of ways. First, by clicking the MP3S & CHARTS button at the top of the page. The links for the mp3 and/or chart for SHIELD are at the bottom of that page. You can also head over to and download for free. (Bandcamp is awesome because it allows you to pay for the download if you so choose...thank you to those who are always so generous!)

I'm also including a lyric video below if you'd like to help me spread the word!