Hey gang, Songs For Singing 2016 is back with another free song! I'm excited to release a new worship tune called Love So True.

Love So True started over a year ago with a chorus idea I had. I was writing another tune and the chorus happened one night while I was working on it. My wife noticed me singing the chorus and commented on it by saying "Hey, I like that." But it didn't fit the song I was working on, so I just forgot about it. I would sing the chorus off and on with my guitar, but could never find a place for it.

Six or seven months later, I was in a co-write with a worship leader friend from Arkansas named Britton Wesson. We were throwing ideas around for awhile, but nothing was clicking. Britton had a song idea based around the title of "Wreck me" that we were trying to write but it wasn't happening. I played the chorus for him and he really liked it. Once we decided to borrow the "wreck" image from Britton's original idea, the verses went pretty fast.

I liked the song immediately and decided to lead at Verses, a night of worship at our church. The crowd seem to latch onto it so I figured it was worth pursuing. The single turned out even more nuanced and powerful than I imagined. One thing I love about the song is that even though there's some beautiful music happening, it doesn't clutter the tune. From the beginning, my producer, Michael, said, "we can't let the music get in the way of the vocal." Creating good music is the fun of going into the studio, but Michael really believed in the melody and felt like it needed to be protected and I'm so glad we did.

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