Yes, we gave a way a song just about a month ago, but we can't help it...WE'VE GOT NEW MUSIC FOR YOU!

One Wednesday in 2015, I was in my office waiting for a guitar lesson. I had about an hour between students, so I grabbed my guitar and went to Cyberhymnal. I'll admit...I was trolling for hymn ideas. I wanted to write something along the theme of water/baptism/etc and I found this Fanny Crosby song (co-written with George C. Stebbins) called Come To The Fountain. Here's what it says:

Come with thy sins to the fountain, come with thy burden of grief;
Bury them deep in its waters, there thou wilt find a relief.
Haste thee away, why wilt thou stay?
Risk not thy soul on a moment’s delay;
Jesus is waiting to save thee,
Mercy is pleading today.
Come as thou art to the fountain, Jesus is waiting for thee;
What though thy sins are like crimson, white as the snow they shall be.
These are the words of the Savior, they who repent and believe,
They who are willing to trust Him, life at His hand shall receive.
Come and be healed at the fountain, list to the peace speaking voice;
Over a sinner returning, now let the angels rejoice.

I didn't know the melody, but so many of those lines were so beautiful, I HAD to write this song. I immediately started playing this country, almost-bluegrass guitar groove and hit the G-G/A-G/B-C walkup while I was humming a melody. I loved the walkup from the very first time and that little guitar movement really set the tone of what I wanted to write - a hopeful, calling, almost "yearning" hymn.

I played it for a couple of friends and got some solid feedback on it, but kept it in a drawer for awhile. When I was getting ready to track songs this year, I decided to dust it off. I wanted to have it sound country without throwing a whole lot of country instrumentation on there. There's some slide guitar, but no fiddle or steel. I love those instruments, but really wanted to try and blend a country song with more modern worship elements.

You can download the song for free at or by clicking the CHARTS & MP3s button at the top of this page. If you'd like to purchase it, you can do so at the Bandcamp or over at iTunes.