I can't believe it's time AGAIN for another free song giveaway! You all have been so supportive of the previous two releases ("O Blessed Tree" and "Shield") and I really hope you like this new one, too!

This song needs a little setup, however. Unlike O Blessed Tree and Shield, the new song really is new - meaning I've never led it before a congregation. I prefer to record and release songs I've led because it gives me the chance to see how the works in a worship set before committing time and money to the production. But in this case, I believe in this song enough to release it as truly new material.

I like this song and believe it stands on its own, but if you've got the time, I want to point out three things about this song that you might be interested in.


Contrary to popular opinion, I'm not trying to be a "hymn guy." (I mean, yes, I love them and feel like hymns both new and old may very well usher in a great movement inside the American church, but...) And even though I love writing modern worship choruses, I have loved writing this song. I've been working on it since 2014 and even though it took me a long time to finish it, I've enjoyed writing this one maybe more than any song in the last two-three years. I guess if God keeps leading me to write hymns, I'll just shut up and keep doing it. He knows what to do!


There aren't a lot of Trinitarian worship songs being sung in the church today. And the few you find are pretty obvious; as if the whole song is saying "hey we're singing about the trinity in this song." I think the Trinity scares songwriters. (It certainly scares THIS ONE.) But I'm convicted to work toward finding ways to infuse God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit into our worship songs.

This song doesn't reveal anything astounding about the Trinity. But I am proud that each verse tries to describe the welcoming call of God in three distinct forms: the way the Father calls us, the way the Son calls us and the way the Spirit calls us. It's the first song I've written that was seriously focused on including all three persons, so I know I've got a long way to go. 


Somewhere along the way, modern worship philosophy started telling us that all songs had to be simple, that we needed fewer words and more repetition. This song is the opposite of that. It has a lot of words and very little repetition. But I'm okay with that. With something as beautiful and life-changing as God's call on our lives, we ought to sing a lot of words about it! 

As best I can tell, the music publishing world doesn't like long songs. Or songs with lots of words. Or complicated ideas. But that doesn't mean the church doesn't need them. I hope you'll download this song and I hope you'll share it like crazy so that believers just like you will be able to sing it and focus their minds and hearts on all the ways God welcomes us.


For the most part, all the details are the same as last time. If you wanna' download it for free, you can go to and click on the SONGS FOR SINGING 2015 button. Or if you wanna' keep floating around the blog here, just click the MP3s & CHARTS button and download it. The one change this time is that the song is also for sale on it's free release day. (We normally stagger this...) So for those of you who prefer to let iTunes/Amazon do your music management, you can search the song under the artist name Todd Wright Band

All this info is included in the lyric video attached below, so feel free to share that video on social media to spread the word!