The job of picking the songs and scriptures and other media usually falls to the worship leader, right? I'm sure big giant mega-churches may do it different, but for the most part, you're the guy or gal who picks what gets done on the platform.

That's why it's good to check your motives every now and then. Do you have good reasons for adding a song or service element? Run through this list and let it challenge you to bring only the best intentions to your service planning.


1. Because the church look/sound/be perceived as cool if we do this.
2. Because this will impress the pastor.
3. Because this is my favorite song/scripture/video/etc.
4. Because this is a popular thing churches are doing.
5. Because I sound good on it.
6. Because I created it.
7. Because people have been mad at me lately and this will earn brownie points.


1. Because this will teach the congregation sound theology.
2. Because this will comfort the congregation is a time of suffering.
3. Because this will give the congregation a means to celebrate.
4. Because this will convict the congregation (call to repentance.)
5. Because this will motivate the congregation to mission.
6. Because this will enable the congregation to publicly and passionately praise God.
7. Because this will proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to the congregation.

The point is hard to miss...ministry is service. When we plan and lead worship, we are serving the congregation. We lay our preferences and pride aside and work hard for the good of our people. Let's be honest about bad becauses and ask God to help us put our people first! What other becauses would you add?