Haven't posted one of these in awhile, but a couple of worship albums have been grabbing me as of late. I've provided links so you can check these out and let me know what you think in the comments!

Robbie Seay Band - Psalms EP
I'm way late to these multi-volume EP projects from Robbie Seay. And even though I'm listing the newest, Volume 3, the truth is that I've been listening through all the EPs and enjoying them immensely. Personally, I dig how RSB builds groove. They've got a knack for finding the sweet spot between the modern worship stuff and more open, jangly almost alt-country attack. From a worship perspective, I love that good songwriters are now giving us the ability to sing the Psalms, something churches used to do a lot more. It's also not lost on me that writing songs directly from scripture is a massive undertaking. I can't imagine staying this close to scripture with this many songs. I think there's a lot to learn from this record...and a lot to sing! LINK


Laura Story - God Of Every Story
For the past couple of years, Laura Story's music has been some of those most convicting, soul-enriching stuff in my library. I can't explain it, but her songs hit me in a deep place that most music doesn't even touch. I can't tell you how many times her songs have moved me to gratitude and praise.

Usually, if I like a worship album, I'm constantly thinking "when we do some of these songs at church?" but Laura's music ends up being almost devotional for me. It's been my go-to for reminding myself what it means to follow - and worship - Jesus. LINK

Urban Rescue - Wildfire
This is, by far, the most out-of-character recommendation in a long while. A month ago, I came across a tweet from a UK worship leader about the new album from this band called "Urban Rescue." I went to check out the first single and was surprised to find it was a poppy, 80's era synth song. What was more surprising? I loved it.

Two things have me listening to this record over and over: First, the melody. The music is way creative and trendy and would be almost impossible for most bands to implement, but the melodies are fantastic. So much so that I think these songs would work with any musical setting. The second reason I liked it is that I had just finished work on a new song with a more "electronic" feel and was inspired by Urban Rescue's music. LINK


What are your listening to these days?