Trying to do that thing where I keep track of stuff I'm doing every day. Not logging everything, of course, but it's good to look back on the day to make sure I managed my time with excellence!

  • Didn't have any thing on the agenda for the morning, so came home after school drop off and worked more on the podcasts. One of the episodes had a weird ring in it from an echo in the room where we recorded, but in the end I decided, "Hey. Free podcast."
  • Also did some work on the upcoming Vital Worship release. I've got a song on there, but I've also agreed to help the folks at Vital with some promotion. I've been doing interviews with songwriters featured on the record as a way of promoting the project. It drops on Monday, April 25. You can find the interviews at
  • Haircut at 11:30, then a staff lunch at 12:15. I actually could have ducked the lunch, but I'm already missing a thing on Thursday with the staff so figured I better show my face, lest they think I'm a slacker. The lunch was good, a sort of survey about full-time ministry for a pal of ours who's leading a conference next month. Good lunch, but the sweet tea was terrible.
  • Left there to get Jonah from school, then took him home. Once home, got reminded (by text) that I also had to pick up Finley, as well. Got her home and worked on the podcast some more.
  • Confirmed a co-write with my friend, Sam, for Wednesday morning. Sam wanted me to know he didn't really have anything for us to work on, but I said we're writing, anyway. I didn't have the heart to tell him I don't have any ideas ready either.
  • Went with Kristen and Fin to the P.T.O./icecream social at Finley's school. Meeting lasted maybe 12 minutes. On the way home, stopped by the pharmacy for a prescription, but it wasn't filled yet. So, naturally, we just drove over to Fuzzy's for chips & queso until it was time to pick it up.
  • Dropped Kristen and Finley at home and headed to the grocery store for some essentials. Got home, put Fin to bed and watched a little TV with Jonah.
  • Finally got one podcast uploaded and made some progress on the second. Hope to have it live by Thursday.
  • Watched Daredevil and worked out a little.
  • Sorry, this turned into the list-of-boring-stuff-Todd-did-today post.