• I'm surprised how well Shield is connected with our congregation. Even after five or six times, the band and I are still feeling our way through it. The song order is pretty set, but intros and outros are still different week-to-week.
  • I'm excited to hear what my producer pal, Dustin, does with Shield. He is noticeably cooler than me and I can't wait to hear what he adds to the tune.
  • Drums and bass are tracked for Refuge, Safe From Harm and we're doing electrics next week. It's been a long time since I tracked something before using it in church...kinda' fun!
  • Last week, I dusted off an old tune from 2014 that I never could finish and got something going on it. I moved the bridge to the chorus, changed a few of the clunkier lines and wrote a whole new bridge that I LOVE. Song is called Our God Is Stronger.
  • As of tonight, my 2nd major label cut releases tomorrow. Karen Peck and New River's new album will feature Hallelujah For The Cross.
  • I'm also excited for my pal Tyler Ellison's new EP. He and wrote a tune called King Over All and I'm anxious to see how people like it.
  • Feel like I'm making lots of progress on melodies as of late, but the lyrics have been a struggle. I'm not stressing it; just part of the process.