The WorshipLab Podcast is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to listen to. The hosts are humble, yet obviously experienced and the content is practical and helpful. (Both things you don't find very often in worship podcasts...)

On the most recent episode, hosts Michael Brady and Sam Jones interview Stephen Smith, the Gathering Pastor of Houston's First Baptist Church. Stephen has been a proficient, well-known worship leader in Texas for years and is now leading a fantastic ministry in one of Houston's largest and most beloved churches.

Stephen was on the show to discuss his 100+ Things That Worship Leaders Know, which recently created some internet buzzing over at Stephen's blog,  Since I hadn't heard about this list, I loved hearing Stephen and the guys explain some of the points while on the podcast. I encourage you to go listen to the episode, but I also think you'll find Stephen's list for worship leaders to be a helpful, thoughtful resource. The guys are hosting the list over at their blog, but Stephen has very graciously allowed me to make it available here as well!