I wanna' say thanks to those of you who have stuck with the whole Sunday Team series. I hope these posts were a help to worship leaders and pastors alike!

To wrap up the series, I wanna' offer some very practical tips for worship leaders AND pastors. If you've read through the whole series, you might have realized that your ministry needs some work. I encourage you to try some of these steps! We'll kick off with some recommendations for pastors who want to strengthen their relationship with worship leaders.


Your worship leader likes to talk. It's a person with vision and plans and frustrations. And lots of us process our thoughts verbally. (...and we've probably already talked our family to death.) When you’re with your worship leader, let them talk. It will help.

It strengthens the friendship. Listening while we theorize is huge sign of respect and we’re grateful for it, but we're usually not that good at it. We need a safe space where we can bounce ideas around.

You may learn something. Worship leaders consume a lot information. You listen to a worship leader long enough, you’re going to find out about a world of books and ideas and theories you’ve never heard of. You may not agree, but it'll widen your horizons!

You’ll get ideas. I still believe worship leaders intuitively usually “know” what the congregations is feeling. Letting your worship leader talk might highlight areas of growth or challenge in your church.


Lots of Sundays, it comes down to you and that worship leader. You’re a team - in reality, and in the eyes of the congregation. Foster partnership among the church staff. Work toward having a relationship where you and the worship leader are allies.

Schedule some dreaming. Have lunch, just to dream about the church. Use this to find common ground on what you’re both working on. This will go a long way toward syncing up your ministry approaches.

Reference reference reference. The easiest way to make an ally of your worship leader is to reference something that worship leader has said. It may seem silly, but referencing your worship leader in a meeting or small group will be a serious blessing.

Compliment. It really doesn't matter if your worship leader succeeds or not. After he or she leads, compliment them. It doesn’t have to be huge, but a simple, sincere compliment will allow your worship leader to let down their guard and open up to you.


Find out how worship leaders talk. Find out what worship experts are talking about or books/ideas that are impacting local churches. Don’t be the pastor who forces the worship leader to conform his or her conversations to your personal issues.

Listen to worship music. I still don't understand why pastors hate worship music. It baffles me. Build a playlist in your phone of songs the church is singing. Ask your worship leader to recommend some tunes!

Know what's changing. Most pastors can talk at length about current social movements within the local church, but that stuff happens in church music, too.

Learn a little music. You don’t have to start piano lessons, but know the difference between a ballad and a rock tune. Try and figure out which instruments are most prominent in certain songs and ask. Find your worship leader's influences and then go listen to them.