This 2010 YouTube clip continues to be one of the most beautiful, inspiring musical moments I've ever seen. I go back to this clip quite often.

Portuguese star pianist Maria Joao Pires was scheduled to perform with the Dutch Concertgebouworkest in Vienna. She showed up prepared, only to find once the concert started that she had rehearse the wrong concerto. The video has Dutch subtitles, but is spoken in English. You can faintly hear the pianist explaining what's happened to conductor Riccardo Chailly. From the perspective of the camera, we see the terror on her face.

Ever since I first saw this clip, I've been inspired to rehearse, to know my music and to work hard - because anything can happen up there. I am blown away by what Maria does. It's beautiful.

But the last time I watched it, something else hit me.

Watch it again, but focus on Riccardo Chailly. Does he look worried? See any panic on his face?

He's smiling. He's reassuring her. And that thing he says to her?

"You played this last year. You can do it."

This is what we do, worship leaders. We lead our musicians and we encourage them, even when they're freaked out. Yes, we work hard. Yes, we help get better. But we do more than that - WE BELIEVE IN THEM. We don't panic. We trust God and we speak life-giving words of encouragement and we stand back and let God move in those moments.

The next time you think your job just consists of picking songs and hitting the right cues, remember Riccardo Chailly. Cheering on our people...THIS IS WHAT WE DO.