WHAT WE DID: 7/27/14

Since this site is about the stuff we do at our church, I figured I'd start sharing the worship set each week. When possible, I'll try to post either audio or video links to the songs/elements we used.

Bittersweet day for us as we said goodbye to Karen, our piano player. Karen and her husband are going to start attending our new Whitehouse campus. We're excited for them both - they're awesome, gifted people who will be a huge asset to the new Bethel campus. We spent our devotional time reading some of our favorite things about her and praying for her new ministry adventure.

I've been wanting to do this hymn for quite some time, but have had trouble finding a good version for us. That was delighted to find a really solid acoustic version from one of my good friends, Toby Baxley! I hit him up for a chart and sent it to the band. We made a few tweaks in our run-through, but kept the overall vibe consistent. I really like the chorus section that Toby wrote and was excited to see how it went over with the congregation. I was a little concerned during practice that we were too slow with the click track, but with such a wordy song, the tempo was perfect. (Think we did it at 50bpm.) Had a fill-in drummer who was super talented; having him on such a tricky song arrangement really helped. I've heard the first verse 1 done two different ways and ended up singing the wrong lyric on the last line during the second service. Not a huge flub, but I'm glad my church is gracious to me when I mess up!

Did a quick welcome and encouraged people to be sure and sing loud, even if they had terrible voices! Hopefully that encouraged our more fearful congregants to sing out.

The pastor who was teaching asked a couple weeks ago if we could sing something from Psalm 121 since his sermon was from the text. We've sung this song so many times over the past couple years, it was an easy add. During our run-through, I realized that both songs were about the Lord being almighty. (Worst worship leader ever...people think I plan this out and here I am being surprised by own setlist?!) Tune went great in both services. I think our intro could have been a bit more smooth, but oh well.

Scripture / Romans 10:9-11
Lately, I'm really enjoying going right into scripture readings. When we read corporately, I do a bit more lead up, but when I just want to read in between songs, it feels paced better if I go right into it:
If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved. For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.”

My church has always loved this tune. We hadn't done it in awhile - it was fun to bring it back! Instead of having the electric guitar do the signature riff after the chorus, I had our keyboardist play it on a bell pad. Gave the song a little flava! We also did the ending like the album version, which was fun. I'm consistently surprised this song isn't a bigger deal. It's written by some amazing worship leaders and writers and I hope one day this song is sung by millions!

Prayed the Gospel - thanking God for our satisfaction being found in Him, but also asking His Spirit to convict and draw those who don't know him.

This song went great. Another tune we hadn't done in awhile, but once the first chorus hit, I remembered how much fun it is to lead. The band did amazing on this tune. It's a hard drum song because it's so focused on the floor tom, which makes for a big sound, but there's not really a big crashing open hat chorus or anything. The congregation responded really well and the song was a good reminder for us to never forget the cross.

What did y'all do?