WHAT WE DID: 8/3/14

Another Sunday at Bethel Bible Church! Here's what we did in worship!


FAIREST (Spotify)
Big day for us as David, our keyboard player moved over to acoustic piano. Since our previous piano player has moved to our new Whitehouse Campus, we promoted (or demoted?) David to acoustic piano. He did a great job. Acoustic piano is so much different than playing pads, but he worked really hard to find the groove. We also had a guest drummer named Wes who is a professional drummer, so we were all feeling pretty solid up there!

I'm not sure if it was the crowd or us, but the first service felt a little subdued. We weren't real tight on the rests in the intro/turnaround, so that made the song feel a little wobbly. Nothing terrible, just not as tight as normal.

Didn't do a very long transition on this one. Since Fairest ends on a down-verse, I had Wes get click ready for this song. With Fairest in D and This Is Amazing Grace in G, I had the band all fall back in on a G chord (the IV chord of the key of D) and let it ring. Then drums started over the decaying G chord - just a simple, loopy beat with no kick. After a pass of drums, we all fell in.

We don't do this one exactly like Wickham, but it's close. I've been having the band go "riffless" lately. I'm not into doing cover versions, but if there's a signature riff, I usually have somebody play it. However, I'm wanting the band to get better at building their own arrangements. So, we didn't play the signature riff. Instead, I had Smitty make up some stuff on electric guitar. It was way more fun that a synth intro!

Since This Is Amazing Grace ends so strong, I had our congregation applaud in honor of God's wonderful grace. As they did, I threw on a capo and launched into this hymn adaptation we did last week.

I very rarely do songs just because I love them, but dang, I love this song. I was glad to hear our congregation singing along - I don't think it's a familiar hymn to them, but I love the poetry of this song. "Ponder anew what the Almighty can do!" and "Let the amen sound from His people again!" - What fantastic lyrics!

When we're able, we LOVE doing Communion during the worship set (as opposed to at the end of the service.) On some Sundays, I lead Communion from the stage. I explained Communion, then had the congregation read Psalm 51:1-6 and 1 John 1:8-9.

DEBT IS PAID (Spotify)
We slow-jammed this one by bringing it down by about 10bpm. Smitty moved to mandolin and Wes played with brushes to give a slightly more mellow vibe. I like our full, fast version, but this song worked perfectly for communion. (I am ALL ABOUT the slow-jam, y'all.) Once the ushers had served the congregation, I had every one stand and read Luke 22:14-20. We sang one pass of bridge and final chorus after everyone had taken the elements.

A good day with a few new players - some flubs here and there, but overall a great atmosphere for worship! What did y'all do?