I'm convinced that what most worship leaders call "burnout" is very often "boredom" instead. That's not to say that burnout isn't real. It's very real and very difficult to overcome. But I often find when I talk to struggling worship leaders that they're not empty or overly exhausted, they're just bored with what they're doing. If you find that you've been bored with worship leading lately, let me offer three tips to deal with that.


A lot of us think that ministry should always be exciting and/or challenging. But that's not true. Some weeks are normal. Some sets go just fine but don't give you a chill. And some weeks that plain-jain, boring, non-exciting worship service provides God-honoring and Biblically based worship. If you're bored with leading worship, just admit it. Don't try to fix it. Don't try to find some huge challenge that will get you fired up. Show up and serve. Because sometimes when you're bored, you're finally able to pay attention to what's happening in your church. Don't feel guilty.


You're not going to be bored forever. In fact, if you still feel bored six months from now, that's probably not boredom. That could be something more substantial that might need some investigation. But if you'll be okay with being bored and wait it out, you'll see that it eventually leaves, either naturally or because of life circumstance. Remember, your job is not to be perpetually excited on the platform every Sunday. Your job is way more than that. Do the stuff you're supposed to do and don't worry about the stuff that will distract you from doing the stuff you're supposed to do.


Wanna' know why you get bored? Because you're good at it. You're bored because the mechanics of worship leading aren't new to you anymore. You know how to do it. You're not worried that you'll be unable to lead on Sunday. You're bored because you can do the job without a lot of stress. And the silver lining is that you're freed up to do other stuff - try songwriting, lead a life group, spend more time with your family. Boredom might be the best thing to happen to you.