It's time for another worship challenge! By the way, did anyone try some of the rehearsal tips from last week? Would love to know if they worked for you!)

This week, we're talking about your pastor. Or to be more specific, your boss. Titles aside, I'm talking about the person you report to and serve under in ministry. (Awhile back, I wrote a whole series about pastor-worship leader relations. You can find them under the title "Sunday Team" in our archives.)

This week, I'm sharing three tips to improve and strengthen your relationship with your pastor. Even if you and your pastor are in complete sync, it never hurts to put some time in on the relationship to make it even better!


Invite your pastor to lunch or coffee this week. Find a time just to hang out for friendship's sake! This is a great way to check in to see how your pastor is doing. It's also a great time to ask, "Is there anything you need me to do this week?" or to tell your pastor you've been praying for him.

A few practical things to be mindful of when scheduling this kind of hang:

  • Let him know upfront that there's no agenda. Make sure he knows this isn't a complaining meeting or a worship-leader-counseling-session.
  • DO NOT MONOPOLIZE the conversation. Hard to believe, but sometimes we do that.
  • Respect his time. Give yourself a hard cutoff so you're not messing up another person's entire schedule.


You knew I was gonna' say that one, huh? I don't know about you, but I forget to pray for my pastor. Even though I know how hard my pastor works and what a tough job it is, there are so many weeks I never take time to lift him up. Why not start by committing to pray for your pastor once-a-week. (Baby steps!)

Some stuff you can pray for:

  • Dealings with church leadership. Your pastor sits in a lot of meetings with a lot of people who are very invested in the church. This means some of those meetings can be very stressful.
  • Dealings with congregants. As much as we'd like to protect our pastors from it, they get a lot of angry emails. They also get theological questions and counsel congregants.
  • The health of their marriage. I know it seems like we've seen a lot of pastors experience moral failure of late, but the truth is that it's been going on for a long time. A bad marriage is awful in every single way. Pray for your pastor's marriage!


This one is a little harder to make happen for some of us, but if you're connected to the inner workings of the church, it's probably a pretty easy fix. This week, find a way to have your pastor's back. If you have folks in your circle who have issues with the pastor or you know of some strife, find a way to be a supporter and encourager of your pastor. Don't encourage gossip. Have your pastor's back even if you disagree with something that might be going on.

  • Obviously, with issues of theology you want to make sure you're not blindly backing your pastor without being in God's Word. But otherwise, I highly recommend supporting him no matter way.
  • If you do disagree with something, you can tell the pastor that in private. Supporting him publicly doesn't mean abandoning your convictions or ignoring a need for clarity.
  • Don't tell the pastor you backed him up. That will just mean you have to tell him what sort of drama is out there. He gets enough drama on his own. Don't go bringing extra.

Your pastor is most likely working very hard to follow God's lead and to pastor your church with integrity. Take time to encourage and pray for that pastor!